Electronic Refurbishing

Being the first process of refurbishment it includes basic sanitisation steps such as removal of unwanted labels and stickers, with special chemicals wiping off the dirt and dust. Besides, this the key internal components such as pipes, cooling ducts & fan, processor are cleaned thoroughly with the help of high pressure air.
This is a key step, where the our experiences engineers conduct the thorough testing of products and grade them as per their functionality and usability. At this stage any mechanical correction needed to the product is identified and the product is sent further for repairs.
Basis the results of triage process, any and all the mechanical repairs or part replacements required in the product is done at this stage. To ensure quality Vasoo Recycle only uses genuine spare parts in all it repairs.
In this stage, our state of the art machinery tests the products on different parameters and prepare the testing report which is later also share with our customers.
In this our engineers check if any necessary software and drivers are missing from the devices which will be required and carry out daily functioning and install them.