Plastic Waste Recycling

Plastic waste is sourced from both big and small sources. Big sources such as governmental contracts, industrial scrap etc. and various small scale sources collection sources like Rag Pickers, Awareness Drives ,Municipalities , Societies and Kabadiwalas.
Collected plastic waste is then sorted into different categories as per their size, composition and color.
Sorted plastic waste contains unwanted impurities such as dust, adhesive, metal screws and bolts and other impurities. This causes problems in plastic shredding and further processing thus in this step waste is washed thoroughly and all such impurities are removed.
Once washed, the segregated plastic is then shredded in our best in class industrial level plastic shredders present in our plant to convert all the big plastic chunks into smaller pallets.
After shredding, plastic pallets created from the shredding process is tested within our facility to ascertain the quality and class of the pallets through bet in class testing equipment and trained executives.