E waste Recycling

Where our designated e-waste collectors with their presence around the nation comes to your doorstep and collects your e-waste and transports it to our processing facility.
This involves breaking e-waste into smaller pieces through our state of the art machinery operated under the guidance of trained executives. As, Efficient separation of materials is the foundation of electronics recycling
Magnetic Separation: A powerful overhead magnet separates iron and steel from the shredded waste stream on conveyor and then prepares it for sale as recycled metal. Mechanical Separation: Further, mechanical processing separates other metals such as copper, aluminum, and circuit boards from the material stream. Water Separation: For residual waste stream on conveyer belt which is mostly plastic, Water separation technology is then used to separate glass from plastics. The final step: In it the processer locates and extracts any remaining metal residuum from the waste stream other then plastics to purify the stream further.
In order to minimise environment degradation. The tiny waste particles which get cluttered during shredding process is then extracted and discarded in an environmentally compliant manner.