Metal Recycling

We collect metal scrap from different sources which include large steel structures, construction sector, shipping industry, farm equipment, and of course, consumer scrap. Prompt scrap, which is the residual in the course of manufacturing of goods , accounts for half of metal scrap supply.
Through sorting metal is separated from the mixed scrap or the mixed multi-material waste stream. To aid the material separation process automated recycling operations, magnets and sensors are used. Through this value of the material is improved by segregating clean metal from the dirty material.
For further processing, sorted metals are shredded in a big shredding machine. It is done to promote the melting process as small shredded metal pieces melt easily and efficiently because of their large surface to volume ratio. Thus, consuming less energy.
Post shredding,scrap metal shreds are melted in large furnaces. Each metal type is processed in a specific furnace designed to melt that particular metal at their favorable temperatures.
Once the metal is Melted. It is then sold in the market to be used as raw material for the production of brand new products.