Copper Cable Recycling

At our copper cable recycling plant, the insulated wire is sent through a chopping line after the material has been collected. This step is necessary because it removes the plastic insulation cover from the copper wires to separate the metal from the wires.
When chopped up appropriately, the wires have a granular shape. Following this, the granulated material travels through a screener and a density separator, both of which work to divide the material into distinct portions according to the density of the material.
Next, the recovered copper chops are put through a quality check to confirm that they have the same precise properties as the removed metal granules and to guarantee that they are free of contaminants and are in the best possible condition for melting effectively.
After removing the scrap metal, it is fed into a metal furnace to produce the various metals. In this process, it is melted down, cast, and then rolled into rods. The rod is then utilized to create multiple copper goods, most notably wires.